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Android Development

Android is the most widely used system in the world. We develop the best APP for your Company with the best Technologies.

iOS Development

iOS is the world's most advanced mobile platform and used in the IPhone Operating System, We develop the best APP for your Company with the best Technologies.

Development Web & Design

Development of economic web pages, design of virtual stores, Corporate Pages and more

Augmented Reality

We develop solutions to create incredible immersive experiences- VR / AR. Design and Manufacturing, Media and entertainment with Virtual and Augmented Reality

What we can do for you?

Our team turns your ideas into mature products. We are a reliable partner in all steps - from conception to programming and publication of the finished product. We also use the best technologies in both Frontend and Backend

ARPhone is also the best application design company in the World. UI / UX design is one of the critical factors for a mobile app to be successful. We are proud of our team of designers who are experts in creating mobile application design in the world.

Mobile Application Development

Be it mobile, web, or wearable, our team of app developers makes amazing Android, iOS, Hybrid, Native mobile apps along with custom web apps and enterprise solutions. You name it, we have it!

Mobile App Design

A well thought-out concept is the foundation for an easy-to-use, structured application. Let yourself be inspired by our ideas and benefit from our experience. Clear and intuitive user guidance requires clear visual elements. We ensure a clear appearance in the design.


Our project managers and strategy experts are there to devise a suitable strategy for your business idea or product. We dig deep to identify the right set of features, making sure they meet your target audience's expectations before devising a practical strategy for your product.


We provide complete maintenance and complete support for the entire life cycle of your product. Even after the publication of an app fall some work on, such as adapting to a new iOS or Android version, bug fixes, or simply new features. If a server backend is also in the game, this must also be maintained, e.g. importing security updates, optimizing memory, scaling due to increasing user numbers, etc.

From design to strategy, from development to maintenance, ARPhone is your application design and development company. Our commitment to providing world class mobile application development services places us among the best mobile application development and mobile application design companies in the world.


Our projects

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Our arsenal of skilled app developers are well experienced in developing apps for the following industries


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